Upright Go wearable buzzes you in the back when you slouch


Journalists and others who sit at their desks all day could use this product. Upright Technologies launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Upright Go, which helps you improve your posture by buzzing you in the back when you slouch.

Upright Go is the Tel Aviv’s second product in a line of “posture trainers.” Early bird pricing for the crowdfunding campaign starts at $59 (retail value $99).

The product is a small biofeedback posture trainer placed directly over the spine that attaches to the upper back with a reusable hypoallergenic adhesive. It is worn while sitting, standing, walking, or driving. Using a smart sensor and learning algorithm, the device senses subtle changes in posture and vibrates to give users real-time posture feedback.

Above: Upright Technologies team.

Image Credit: Upright Technologies

“Poor posture looks bad, and can lead to decreased confidence and back pain,” said Oded Cohen, founder and CEO of Upright Technologies, in a statement. “For the last three years, our team has been working to develop a habit-forming solution to conquer the modern epidemic of screen slouch.”

In tracking mode, Upright Go can be worn to accurately track and record the user’s posture data while moving throughout the day, so they can see the improvement in their posture over time. Users can view their progress on the iOS and Android app by checking their stats, history, and usage.

Custom training plans gradually train the upper back and shoulder muscles to build muscle memory, strength, and awareness, with just 10 minutes to 60 minutes of daily training. By heightening awareness and strengthening the back, users ultimately make good posture a habit and maintain an upright position on their own.

“Everybody talks about problems related to poor posture, but little is done to improve the situation. This is where we can help,” said Cohen. “By training with Upright Go for less than one hour a day, the body, muscles, and mind form an intuitive habit of sitting and standing after only two to three weeks. This improved posture can result in more focus and productivity at work, plus a decrease in back or neck pain.”

The Kickstarter campaign runs from March 28 to May 7, with projected delivery to backers in summer 2017.

Above: Upright Go is a wearable device that vibrates when you slouch.

Image Credit: Upright Technologies

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